Dreams don't materialize because you wish hard and worked hard.

A New School

Dreams don't materialize because you wish hard and worked hard.

I am writing this in between classes in school. I have just finished a psychology exam. My next class starts in about an hour. It seems like a good time to update this blog.

My nursing school journey so far has taken many dips and turns but I am glad I keep figuring it out. The past five weeks of classes at my new school has been amazing. I feel like my decision to drop out of the old nursing school and restart was definitely a solid one.

It may seem crazy and financially frivolous to be have dropped out. However, I am a big believer in finding a good fit. Honestly, when I was making the decisions, I felt like had no choice. It seemed at the time there was no way to go forward because I just couldn’t figure out how to afford the school I was attending. I felt ashamed, lost and frustrated. Most of all, I felt scared. What if this was the end of the road and I could not get into another nursing school?

Alas, after a couple of weeks of feeling depressed, I got myself together and started all over again. Somehow, I ended up in a better situation than I had imagined. I am happy now with the school I am attending. One thing that I have learned during this journey is that the path to success is not linear. Dreams don’t materialize because you wish hard and worked hard. Things take time. Disappointment happen. If it is possible to keep going, keep going. If you can’t keep going, rest and figure out a new plan.